About Me

My mission is to inspire a greater level of compassion by helping people connect with and understand animals on a deeper level, so that with that love and understanding, together, we can help change the world. I can help people get a better understanding of their animals’ thoughts and behaviors, I can help them through the difficult transition of letting go and I can help with finding solutions to behavioral issues.

Animal communication is the telepathic transfer of thoughts, pictures and feelings. Animals in the wild do it within their herds, prides, packs, flocks and schools. As humans, most of us have silenced that ability, but it still lies within us.

Animals have been my passion ever since I can remember. After traveling down the roads of many different careers, in the summer of 2018, I found my path: as an animal communicator and energy healer. I found how to be of service to people and their animals in a way I never thought was possible. Since then, I earned my Animal Mastery Program certificate at Communication with All Life University (CWALU) under its found, Joan Ranquet, a world-renounced animal communicator, author and TEDx speaker. In that time, I have connected with over 300 animals and helped with a variety of situations and issues. When I work with you, my intention is to hold a safe space, free of judgment, where we work to find the outcome with the highest good for you and your animal.


  • Animal Communication Sessions $95 for Half Hour, $164 for 1 Hour
  • Energy Healing $60 per session, $110 for a package of 3
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique): $110 per session, $300 for a package of 3

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